99 year old brand "super young", what tactics did you use?

Date of publication:2020-8-25

Vehicle logistics takes the whole vehicle as the object of logistics service, and makes quick response and on-time delivery according to the requirements of customer orders on delivery time, delivery place and quality assurance. Vehicle logistics has changed from simple commodity vehicle transportation to a new type of goods with transportation as the main body and warehousing, distribution and terminal value-added services as the auxiliary. In recent years, many frozen products enterprises such as Sanquan, miss, and Anjing are trying to make their brands younger. Among them, wufangzhai is playing "slipping" to flying. In the advertisement for salted duck eggs from wufangzhai, a picture of "Ai duck" appears on social networking sites. The advertisement, which is known as "a mudslide in China's advertising industry", has 2.237 million copies in station B.

Wufangzhai has given an answer to how new advertisements can help time-honored brands seize young consumers and how new products should be innovated.
Brand younger, must do?
Yes, I have to.
Why are the two most important environmental changes needed.
First, today, our media has changed. Television, newspapers, magazines, radio, these traditional channels of value decline, Internet short video, we media become the main channels of communication. The post-90s, as the Internet aborigines and growing main consumers, are the main audience of these channels.
A young man has the right to speak. The image of a brand in the public opinion is the image in the society, and the public opinion communication is very important. So, who is the public?
In the era of comprehensive mobile Internet, when we talk about the public, we do not mean everyone, but a part of the people who hold the right of public opinion and set the tone for the public, that is, young people. The social role of young people in the Internet age is the representative of the public.
The mainstream users of all Internet content platforms are young people. These people create social topics, guide social emotions and create public opinion. We are in a society dominated by youth culture, and young people have the right to speak in this era.
To understand the above point, when we think about brand rejuvenation, the first purpose of communication with young people is not to sell goods to young people. Instead, young people enter the mainstream culture, enter the public opinion, and establish the social role of the brand.
Wufangzhai, 99
Want to be "the best time-honored brand"
In the frozen food industry, wufangzhai has not run away.
Xu Wei, general manager of wufangzhai brand center, also said that wufangzhai had realized the problem of brand aging very early, and the experiment of remodeling the brand started earlier.
In 2008, when developing the national market, wufangzhai realized that there were some problems in the brand recognition of wufangzhai in the national market. As a result, wufangzhai began to reshape its brand at all levels, including hiring consulting companies, advertising companies and packaging design companies to help build the brand.
In 2011, wufangzhai proposed enterprise transformation. One of the three transformation directions is to transform from regional brand to national brand, and sell prepackaged products with the help of supermarkets, hypermarkets and other channels, so as to turn a regional brand originated in Jiaxing into a national brand.
Xu Wei said that the most direct worry comes from young people. They worry about whether young people will like special traditional products in the next 100 years. "The first thing we think of is to make young people look at old brands with a new look. That is to say, from a different angle, we can make them feel that we are actually the most famous time-honored brand in China. " The young people mentioned by Xu Wei point to generation Z, that is, after 95 and 00.
As far as wufangzhai is concerned, advertising has promoted the brand image of "wufangzhai", an old brand, to become younger rapidly in just three years. Wufangzhai used to be a consumer group covering 25-80 years old, but now wufangzhai has attracted more urban middle-class people aged 25-40, such as "exquisite mothers", "new white-collar workers", and generation Z young people born in the 90s and after 00.

Around the theme of "brand rejuvenation", wufangzhai launched a series of festival advertising films. The style and content of advertisement are changing every time, but they keep the brain hole clear and strange all the time, which makes people "unable to understand" and "let go of ourselves". For example, during the Dragon Boat Festival, wufangzhai launched a group of advertising film "find and find friends", which is about wufangzhai and akoko, Zhong Xuegao and ramen. However, the copywriting like poetry, coupled with children's running, handstand and other ambiguous actions, and the completely different style from the previous advertisements, let many audiences put question marks.
The advertisements of wufangzhai are not limited to traditional festivals, but also have a large number of 30 second advertisements focusing on daily life. During this year's epidemic, wufangzhai also made a large number of short videos. In the first half of this year, a total of 41 short videos were shot in wufangzhai, including 23 during the Dragon Boat Festival.

In addition to advertising creativity, there are quite a lot of differences between wufangzhai's advertising films and the common brand advertisements: the contents of advertisements focus on brand products, but they pay attention to the attraction of the plots of advertising films; the budget for media investment is less, and large-scale advertising is not carried out, but the advertising transformation seems to be good, which is quite different from the common brand advertisements.
Classic products sell best,
How does wufangzhai "push" new products?
Wufangzhai is committed to enterprise transformation, but it is actually about the growth of zongzi's main business.
Li Jianping, chairman of wufangzhai group, said in an interview with financial magazine "financial world" in 2018 that the consulting company employed by wufangzhai in 2008 concluded that China's zongzi market is 3 billion yuan, and wufangzhai has occupied 25% of the market.
In other words, as the largest company in the zongzi industry, wufangzhai may be the first to touch the ceiling of the zongzi market. The possibility of the growth of wufangzhai lies outside the food category of zongzi.
In addition to zongzi, wufangzhai has developed moon cakes, egg products, stewed flavor, Tangyuan, and Jiahu delicacies including osmanthus cake. However, the core growth direction is rice products, and in recent years, it has focused on the more subdivided glutinous rice market. In 2018, wufangzhai put forward the "glutinous + strategy" on the basis of rice products, with the goal of "leading brand of rice products with glutinous rice food as the core".

This means that more new things need to be launched in wufangzhai. Xu Wei mentioned that wufangzhai promoted new products by setting up relevant KPI and cross department joint working groups. During this year's epidemic, wufangzhai also set up a joint working group to focus on daily consumption of food (such as black sesame cake), which gathered employees from R & D, brand, market and product departments, and the assessment indicators were shared by the team.
Another route of product innovation is co branding. Since 2016, wufangzhai has cooperated with Disney and marvel, covering industries including entertainment, beauty, packaged food, beverage, fresh food, knowledge payment, architectural coatings, etc. During the Dragon Boat Festival this year, the number of wufangzhai joint brands has also reached an all-time high, and 18 brands have been jointly signed, including Dulux, Gete, haoliyou, etc.
In the Brand Co branding, wufangzhai reaches young consumers and even students with the help of joint brand, and also enriches the product portfolio. Xu Wei told Station C: "these brand names of the new generation (Xi Cha, Zhong Xuegao) who started their business in 16 and 17 years ago, the founder's requirements for product quality, their insight into the Internet consumer groups, and the ability to operate data are all worth learning from." For example, wufangzhai learns brand authorization from Disney, and its offline restaurants sell wufangzhai x Zhong Xuegao's "boiled Ruo Ye" ice cream, which also supplements the category of cold drinks.
Even so, wufangzhai may be the best seller of a few classic products. In addition to helping brand growth, new products may play a more important role in attracting young people's attention. Ni jianeng, then deputy general manager of wufangzhai, explained at that time that "constantly pushing new products is to let more young people know the old brand" wufangzhai " Flow.